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Cookie Details for this site

Below are two examples of the cookies we use on our site:

1 - a cookie which stores a unique number that is assigned to you on arrival to our site.
2 - a cookie that stores your Shopping Cart contents

The first cookie looks similar the following:

Name: OuijaMagic
Content: 01f8bc2576f89de88bc0eaf59fdea42f

This number is used to keep track of your chosen currency and location as well as the last item you viewed in the store so that when you click a 'Continue' button you are returned to the page you were last looking at.

The second cookie we use is one used to store your shopping cart contents. When you click the 'Save Cart' button the following cookie is stored on your computer:

Name: CartContents
Contents: 175Dx1%3A175Bx1%3A

The long number represents the item codes and quantites for the contents of your cart.

If you wish to view the cookies currently on your computer this can be done as well. In Firefox select the 'Tools' menu and then choose 'Options'. Click the 'Privacy' icon then the 'View Cookies' button. In Internet Explorer this is more difficult, you will need to browse to the C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Cookies directory on your computer. All the cookies are stored in individual text files in this directory.