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Design your own Ouija board

Can't seem to find the exact board that you would like? With our 'Design-a-Board' program you can now make a board to suit your own personal taste. Just select the colour, background, layout, font and decoration from the available choices and the program will generate a preview of your board. You can also add a line of text if you'd like to personalise your board in some way, for example, if you were buying it for a present and wanted to add their name to the design or it could just be a sentence which is significant to you. This field is optional however so you can leave it blank. Once you are happy with the design click the 'Buy Now' button and your board will be added to your shopping cart. The boards cost £30.00 and measure 45cm x 30cm (approx 18" x 12").

Important Information

Please be patient when using the program (particularly if you are on a dial-up connection) as some of the images may take a few seconds to load. Fonts do not update in the main preview window only in the font preview window. The preview window should only be used as a guide, it is low resolution and lacks the fine detail of the final images.
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