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Welcome to Ouija Magic

Welcome to Ouija Magic. Ouija Magic is a site selling hand crafted Ouija boards and various other divination systems in a variety of styles. Fully functional or great as an unusual piece of art.

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Use the menu to the left to navigate the site - you can either browse the entire catalogue or use the search function to find just what you're looking for, whether it's a traditional wooden Ouija board, a glass board or a board you have designed yourself using our unique design-a-board program. Be sure to check back often as we are always expanding our range of products.

Our categories include:


The Ouija boards are constructed from medium density fibre board. The edges are bevelled and the entire board is painted in an appropriate colour to compliment the design. I apply my designs using decoupage techniques and seal the board with several coats of varnish. For the finishing touch the base of the board is covered with protective material.


These Ouija boards are printed on high quality paper and mounted in a modified clip style frame with rubber feet. All boards come complete with matching planchette. These can only be shipped to customers in the UK due to their fragile nature. The same designs can be purchased on wood in the Wooden Boards section.

Design A Board

This is a board you create yourself, to your own design, using our online program. Can't seem to find the exact board that you would like? With our 'Design-a-Board' program you can now make a board to suit your own personal taste. Just select the colour, background, layout, font and decoration from the available choices and the program will generate a preview of your board. You can also add a line of text if you'd like to personalise your board in some way, for example, if you were buying it for a present and wanted to add their name to the design or it could just be a sentence which is significant to you.


I'm sure that most people are familiar with 'Rune Stones' but you may not have heard of 'Witch Stones'. They consist of thirteen stones each bearing a different symbol, these are cast into a circle of cord in order to gain insight into the future. The stones are made from polymer clay which is sculpted by hand and a symbol is embossed into the surface which is then painted either gold or silver. Each set comes with a handmade instruction book, velvet style pouch and circle of cord. The cover of the book is made from handmade leather effect paper.